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As methods of data transfer evolve, so too does the need for increased speed in information transmission.


Precision Time Protocol (PTP), as defined by the IEEE 1588 standard, provides the most advanced method of synchronization over Ethernet networks. Spectracom supports Precision Time Protocol Version 2 (PTP v2) in its SecureSync PTP Grandmaster Clock system. The standard configuration includes up to 6 PTP ports to operate various PTP deployments, allowing for maximum scalability to handle the expansion of your network infrastructure.


  • PTP grandmaster 1 GbE port via copper and fiber optic interfaces (SFP module)
  • Industry-best ±4ns time stamp resolution (HW time stamping)
  • Better than 25 nanosecond time stamp accuracy to UTC
  • Supports default, enterprise and telecom PTP profiles
  • Provides multicast, unicast, and hybrid mode addressing
  • Available time code reader/ generator options
  • High bandwidth PTP performance
  • Ethernet 10/100 Base-T communications port for set-up and management
  • Other PTP configurations are available

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